the joyride.

simplified lyrics of a life (less extraordinary)

I took a screenshot that I felt was pretty representative of how things might seem in the moment of the “Stay home! Stay safe!” and “Social distancing” mantras.

It is easy to feel separated, helpless, and under siege by the very world that we live in. Here, the weather has been warming up and spring is moving in. The beauty of the sun and the mountains are eclipsed by the walls of waiting.

As I said in my previous post, I plan to make most the downtime and rather than give into worry, create a sense of joy and hope. So far, I have...

  • I have taken the time to connect/reconnect with my online communities. I have done live chats, video chats, and caught live recordings of various podcasts.
  • I have gotten back into gaming and made use of some of my various Humble Bundle purchases and Steam purchases.
  • I have redone my home network with an updated Pi-Hole setup and included a new Open Media Vault pi setup for serving out my music, my ebooks, and hopefully soon backups of my DVD movies.
  • I have redone my web server, IRC bouncer, gopher server, and git server. Next up my RSS reader.
  • I have contributed processing power to the “Folding at Home” project to help battle not only COVID-19 but other diseases.
  • I have made my desk usable!
  • I have reached out to a friend in education to help with the her new needs in remote teaching.
  • I have finally used my “” integration.

Those are just some of the highlights. I have picked up my crochet hooks again (I cannot rightfully say that I have gotten passed my chain stitch yet, but I plan on working on it) and I have made my programming books a little more accessible so that I might actually learn and start using Python.

While the world seems to be upside down for most people as we are constantly evaluating our lives and the future of our world amidst the #covid19 pandemic, I have decided to make the best of the uncertain situation. How?

First off, as a waiter in North Carolina, my job has been put on hold while the state works on more social distancing measures including keeping people from congregating in the dining room of a restaurant. So that means finances are tight and no place to go for at least a couple of weeks (or longer). Second, I have had years of ideas, passions, ambitions, and yearnings neglected either lack of time, lack of focus, procrastination, and a sense of inability. Finally, I want to be able to bring hope to myself and others while we all keep watch and balance in our emotions.

So here is what I plan to do: 1. Finally start blogging again and put meaning to it. 2. Teach myself new skills so that when things past I can be in a better position to help myself and others. 3. Get back in touch with my online communities, friends and family and enjoy the time and resources I have to socialize with them. 4. Share my progress in posts and show that life has not ended. Inspire others to make use of the time to enrich their lives and have a better future when the darkness passes. 5. Find means to be of service to others and help with the trying times.

So far, I think I am already off to a good start. There is still a lot of room to grow, but I have thus far prevented myself from being complacent with endless movies, sleep, and inaction.

While I am doing this, I would love to read from others how you are making the most of things. Hit me up on Mastodon

It is always Day One when it comes to living. It is that chance everyday to fail, excel, scream and cry, laugh, love, live and try.

Welcome to Day One. It is the chance to continue, to change, and to be.

Day One: the opportunity to recompute the finality.